Perceive different China from the food


China has 9.6 million square kilometers of  vast land.There are 56 ethnic groups, many of the attractions, a variety of food culture.Chinese people are full of wisdom, and each nation has its own specialties.In substance poor period ,They still use the simple food ingredients to make the most delicious dishes. These food culture handed down, It Make China to the world's most distinctive cuisine kingdom.

Today living standards improved. Food culture has also been considerable development. Change of new dishes  bring us more different taste experience.Chinese food culture cuisine varieties come from  the climate, geography, history, abundant natural resources and local habit in certain region. After a long history of evolution , Formate a set of self-contained cooking techniques and flavor.

We go on a trip, because love nature. We taste the local cuise in the journey, because we love life so much. Here we will show you the most homely dishes, the most authentic local snacks.

Here show you Chinese recipes,food culture,cooking styles and typical snacks.You will perceive  a different China from the food.

What Are The Recent Recipes?

Chinese Recipes
Chinese Food Culture
Travel with Snacks

Travel With Food

If I go to a place, will first reach the food market. The perception of life only come from food market,.Food is the root of living .Only come to food market, I feel that life is so enrichment and beautiful . All content of life are contained within a simple dish.

I lived in Shenzhen city.Shenzhen located in south china.It is a special economic zone in china.  Adjacent to Hongkong and Macau. It has sub-tropical maritime climate and mild climate.It is also a international city.It is a bridge between Hong Kong to mainland of China.

It have many peoples from all places in china, Collect all cultures from different place.Of course include food culture. You will find the same food and similar eating habit of people .Here have many delicious dishes street. Also combinate all of  the dishes of the world.Such as Thai food,Indian cuisine,france suisine etc.

So follow me to look for delicious  dish and typical food in this city or other regions. You will get new feelings through all kinds of food in china.