Chinese Preserved Daikon

Preserved daikon is a crisp dish.We may eat it with porridge together.Also if you have no orexis, you will like ...
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Stir Fry Tomato and eggplant

Yesterday this city met typhoon weather again.But only Weather forecast showed it is so strong.In fact it only brought rain ...
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Chinese carrot peanut celery salad

It seems more and more people like salad.Because it is healthy and nutrition.if you like sports and physical exercise, vegetable ...
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Chinese Steamed Eggs

Chinese eggs is a well know normal family recipe. It is suitable for people of ages. It is so easy ...
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Chinese Homemade Salad

This salad should belong to North recipes in China. When I was a child my mother often cooked this dish.The ...
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Chinese Mushroom & Rape

Mushromm rage belong to Su cuisine variety. It is also a common recipe and in Chinese family. It is a ...
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