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Snacks of Shenzhen City(1)

Shenzhen located in south China.It is a international city.Of course combinate many kinds of food culture from different places and other countries.

Snacks of  Chinese cuisine are classic part food with history and culture.

In a sunshine day, I come to DongMenTing nice food street . This nice food street located in DongMen place of Shenzhen .You can take subway , the subway station name is “DongMen Old Street”.

This place combinate clothing wholesale market and dress store. All kinds of clothes , shoes  and anything can wear , you may found them all here with Different prices, different styles and different textures.So DongMen Old Street is one of  places with  bigger human traffic in Shenzhen.Because bigger human traffic, of course many kinds of nice food included.

DongMen Ting nice food street  Included 3 floors food street. You could eating while shoping.

 Nice food have so many, but I only have a stomach,I show them that I tasted as below:

 1.Grilled trotters-Trotters contains a lot of nutrients and collagen, in China, the girls almost like to eat it for beauty, tasty pickled trotters first, then grilled, delicious food let me watering in my mouth,eaten it and couldn’t forget it.




2.Grilled tofu– Tofu is a common snack in Shenzhen.Put fresh tofu on On a hot iron plate,Sprinkle Seasoning powder,before finished add chopped green onion. That is simple and nice tasted.





3.Decoct steamed bun-One of ShanHai famous snacks, steamed bun on the hot iron plate with little oil, Decoct them ok.Have  meat juice in every steamed bun, nice flavour.





4.Small sausage in big sausage-It is one of  famous snacks in Taiwan. Taiwan in the 1990s, the emergence of a special snack, the truth is very simple, Cut the larger volume of glutinous rice sausage cut, then clamped smaller meat sausages, that  become “Small sausage in big sausage”.Hot dogs inUnited States are similar as it.



5.Fried milk-This is also Taiwan snack. but I think cooking them need some time.Firstly heated slowly then freezed, then fry into heated oil.But if you test one, you will remember them forever. It tasted soft and milk flavour ,very delicious.It is  Fresh and memorable among so many snaceks.Then you will think that why liquid milk could became solid.It is a interesting thing.



That is all ,in one day only tasted these snacks, next time we will introduce others snacks for you.A nice and pleasant food’s trip in a day.Maybe we also may cook them at home  when we are free. It will be amazing!


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